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Leaving Asia

December 19th, 2012 | Posted by admin in blog | massage | Thai Massage | treatment - (Comments Off)

And so, as my time closes on my trip to Thailand, psyching myself up for the long trip home (both mental and physical) I’m feeling rather reflective. 
Not only have I had some amazing life experiences and met some wonderful people which I hope will be around longer than this trip, but I’ve learnt the ancient tradition of Thai massage. 

Thais use massage as part of their life routine, not just for accumulating aches and pains because by constantly working on the body they’re promoting a great sense of health and most importantly well being. Energy channels in the body are being “flushed out” and therefore function properly, pressure points are being manipulated and so pain is alleviated and the whole massage itself reacts with the nervous system, as does Western massage, to slow it down and relax into deeper breathing.

My reflection is partly founded on whether Thai massage will have the same effect when I come to use it back in the UK; will my clients appreciate the different pressure that Thai massage gives, will they feel it a being a relaxing experience or will they feel the long lasting after effects that it so often gives? 

Hopefully time will tell. I’m very excited to bring this ancient tradition back with me, along with cases of tiger balm and multiple mosquito bites.

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