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Royal July, baby blues?

July 29th, 2013 | Posted by admin in baby massage | massage | pregnancy massage | treatment - (Comments Off)

Over the past few years the Royals really have given us something of a tabloid fix. From weddings to a Jubilee and now the birth of our future King us Brits, in fact the world over, have been thoroughly Royally indulged. 

The birth of the little Prince was also quite special to me but for a very different reason. On the same day, within just a few minutes of the time of delivery, I was walking down the isle in sunny Italy towards my now husband. At the time we were non the wiser but thanks to wifi and a few curious guests we found out courtesy of the Daily Mail Online on the evening of the 22nd July that the baby had stolen our thunder. 

Fast forward 27 hours…Kate and Wills are papped leaving the hospital and the tabloids, more specifically a famous UK magazine come up against some serious backlash for referring to Kate’s baby weight loss. Again 27 hours after giving birth!

I’m yet to have a baby, (I sometimes think I’m not old enough at 28!) but over half of my clients are pregnant and I couldn’t imagine the pressure that this not only puts onto people in the public eye but also us mere mortals. The conversations I’ve had with a few of them suggest that even at 6, 7 or 8 months they’re already thinking about when they’ll lose weight after birth. Magazines are full of diet tips, exercise regimes, “results in 6 weeks!”  that promote rapid weight-loss after birth but there are some celebrities that are now hitting back. Reese Witherspoon recently said “it looks 9 months to get to [that] stage, why shouldn’t it take at least 9 months to get back?” Model Molly Sims claimed “Priorities change, weight is irrelevant when you have a baby. You have so much more to worry about.”

Conducting my baby massage classes confirms this statement whole heartedly. There’s so much more to life than weight and appearance. When mums come up to me after class and say “what you taught last week helped my baby’s colic” or “my baby’s now sleeping because of the massage routine” just confirms why I love what I do.

I’d never be one to advise or preach having never been through pregnancy or child birth. I’d just hope that if/when I do get to that stage of my life that pressures aren’t as strong and unfortunately, I think all eyes will be on Kate to lead the way to change people’s perceptions on losing weight and revolutionise the unrealistic celebrity culture we all seem to feed in to.


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