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Manual Lymphatic Drainage 


The lymphatic system works alongside circulation to rid the body of waste products from cells, however, unlike the circulatory system that has a pump (the heart) the lymphatic system relies on movement and breathing. This can result in the system becoming clogged with excess waste (lymph),  helped along by today’s sedentary lifestyle and diet, swelling the glands (lymph nodes) in the body which directly affects our immunity. 


Massage manipulates the lymph using light, repetitive and rhythmic pumping motions in the direction of  lymph flow. This stimulates the system in removing waste products as well as carrying vital substances to the defence of the body.


4-6 treatments are recommended to see results, preferably to be taken in quick succession.


The benefits of M.L.D are:

- regulating the immune system especially for people susceptible to contagious diseases and viral infections

- clearing blockages, eliminating metabolic waste and toxins from the body. When the system becomes blocked lymphatic fluid builds up and stagnates causing the system to become toxic

- assists weight reduction

- has a calming effect on the nervous system relieving stress and tension

- improves the appearance of the skin and reduces puffiness, especially around the eyes

- rejuvenates collagen fibres and slows the ageing process

- can reduce cellulite


The types of conditions it can benefit are:

- Glandular fever, M.E. migraine, sinus infections and hay fever

- Infections such as colds, flu, ear and chest

- Pre and post operative cases (cosmetic surgery, some forms of cancer where nodes have been removed)

- Oedema and fluid retention

- Cellulite and excess weight

- Digestive disorders

- stress, anxiety, tension