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My Tuesday morning blunder…

I thought I’d share with you all a little tip that was actually the catalyst for modern day aromatherapy. 

This morning I burnt my hand on the oven, a stupid move yes but rather than just holding the burn under cold running water for 10 minutes like we’ve all been told to do I covered the burn with lavender oil after doing so. 

I have to say, the stinging sensation subsided more quickly with the oil than the cold water which is also a big bonus!!

Lavender is a natural antiseptic as well as a de-toxifier and so any scarring that may have occurred would be prevented with its use. It’s also a fantastic mood tonic and so if you’re in shock with the injury you’ve incurred, it aids the recovery rate quite dramatically.

If you’re going to have one essential oil in your homes, this is definitely the one the have. Another tip….wear oven gloves!

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National Sickie Day

It’s National sickie day today; the day most likely after the whole Christmas, New Year and January blues shebang for people to be most genuinely sick OR to pull a sickie!

Why don’t we combat genuine illnesses with a touch of ginger. Hot water and ginger is an instant pick me up, it’s great for stomach and digestion problems, colds and nausea. It’s also claimed to be a natural slimming aid. 

(Don’t consume more than 4grams of ginger per day. Research suggests it may lead to ulcers and not to be ingested with aspirin)

As an essential oil, I’d use this in my massage for muscular aches and pains; the aroma is just wonderful and the oil warming on tired muscles.

No excuses now, back to the computer!!

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That February Feeling

Why is it that we only really feel truly human and out of hibernation when we step into March? Still exhausted from December, Christmas, New Year and of course the long slog that is January, we should feel a bit of a pick me up by now. I sometimes think that February is a bit like purgatory…we’re starting to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel (and earlier in the morning) but not enough that we feel we can pull ourselves out of the wintery long haul. 

However, over the weekend as I was walking around Muswell Hill I saw the first of the crocuses come through. Spring isn’t too far around the corner hurrah!! It’s still cold though I hear you say? Well I’ve found something that can help.

Since coming back from Thailand (more blogs on that to follow!) I’ve had a slight obsession with all things citrus. Lemon, lemongrass, grapefruits, limes and kaffir lime, which is commonly used in traditional dishes and cosmetic products are not just wonderfully aromatic but they really do affect your mood. Citrus is associated with emotional invigoration; it heightens ones sense of joy, cheerfulness and  is a great positive all round boost. It’s  used to promote self confidence, alertness, calmness and tranquillity as well as countering negative feelings of depression, grief and exhaustion. 

I’ve been incorporating grapefruit and bergamot into my massages; the aromas are fantastic and so calming for both the clients and myself. When I drop a text the next day to find out how they’re feeling it’s met with “great, invigorated, energized” which as much as that may be the massage, it’s also the power of citrus.

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Achoo…Bless you!!


In the winter months there are constant changes in temperature – from your toasty warm home to the whipping winds outside, to the comforting car or roasting cramped tube, back to the chilly outdoors and finally (phew!) into your frozen/boiling office….and then doing it all over again in reverse. It can really start to take a toll on your health and before you know it, you’re dosing up on cough and cold syrups, tablets and sachets and the pink fuzzy hot water bottle is your new best friend.

This is generally the time where I hear “but it’s fine, I just drank a whole carton of orange juice so I’m sorted.” It doesn’t quite work like that. In fact, studies have shown that vitamin C doesn’t prevent a cold and certainly doesn’t prevent the flu. It may reduce the length of time you have a cold but, lets face it, at the time you just don’t want to have one at all! If you do already have a cold though and want to try something different (and more effective) then check out these top tips:

- When having a hot bath, put in a couple of drops each of eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon. You’ll be able to breathe in no time.

- For steam inhalation (head over bowl, towel over head, deep breathing) use the above but one drop only of each….you don’t want your eyes to sting!

- Using either tiger balm (my favourite) or vicks vapour rub (just as good) place your thumbs in the middle of your forehead in between your eyebrows and sweep up to your hairline and down to your temples, circling a few times into your temples. This encourages a good night sleep and isn’t too overpowering. Some people put a little under their nose but this can often feel like a burning sensation and is really uncomfortable.

- Again using your trusty tiger balm/vicks rub a little into your fingers and from the middle of your breast bone in a straight line up to your collarbone massage into your skin in a corkscrew motion (mini circles) the quicker you massage, the more heat you generate which can shift catarrh faster.

Like anything though the best way to dodge a cold is to have a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine. The stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to get run down. Get plenty of sleep, recent studies have claimed 7 hours is enough and try to keep stress to a minimum. Stress can have a negative knock on effect to our immune system so try that yoga or pilates class you’ve been putting off.

NB: the above is also applicable for man flu

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