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Have you got to that time of day where you’re stuck at your desk,you’ve not taken a break and your neck is starting to feel a little stiff? I’ve got a great stretch for you and you don’t even have to move!

Sitting straight in your chair,cross your arms over and hang onto your chair between your legs. Let your head hang forward and gently lean backwards. You should feel a lovely stretch down your neck, going into the mid section of your back.

Note: Make sure you don’t over stretch your neck, the heads weight is enough to give a great stretch without you having to do anything extra.

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National Sickie Day

It’s National sickie day today; the day most likely after the whole Christmas, New Year and January blues shebang for people to be most genuinely sick OR to pull a sickie!

Why don’t we combat genuine illnesses with a touch of ginger. Hot water and ginger is an instant pick me up, it’s great for stomach and digestion problems, colds and nausea. It’s also claimed to be a natural slimming aid. 

(Don’t consume more than 4grams of ginger per day. Research suggests it may lead to ulcers and not to be ingested with aspirin)

As an essential oil, I’d use this in my massage for muscular aches and pains; the aroma is just wonderful and the oil warming on tired muscles.

No excuses now, back to the computer!!

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Three point plan to a happy back

Sometimes I think massage therapists are like hairdressers and psychologists and sales assistants and yoga instructors and, well, anyone who generally listens in their day to day job. Listening is such an important part of my job because a lot of the stresses my clients carry aren’t communicated. These stresses in turn build up and create tension in common areas of the body. It’s not only agonising but the consistency of the pains can end up being really debilitating. 

I see quite a few clients who have these problems and from talking to them further I’ve found a few issues they share;

1. Office Jobs/Computitis – (I thought I made up this term but found it on the urban dictionary: quote 1)The state in which a person at a computer can no longer see the screen clearly nor can they move their fingers correctly.2) when a person is sick of being at a computer.) I believe the term should be “An unnaturally long attachment to a technical device”. People who work in an office don’t move about as much, whether it be because of important deadlines or the nature of the industry, they’re bound to their desks and spend up to 8 hours sitting in front of a computer.

2. Bad Posture – As soon as a client sits down to fill out a confidentiality form I analyse their posture to see why they might be experiencing strains. Many don’t sit with a straight back and their shoulders are up to their ears.

3. Lack of exercise – Once you’re done with a long day at the office, motivation to go for a run outside or spend time in the gym tends to go out the window.


Here are three points to help alleviate common back pains:

1. Get up more from your desk. Maybe offer to do the tea run, get up to the printer every time you print something off rather than waiting to collect a wad of documents or talk to the person on the other side of the office rather than using the internal communication network.

2. Stretch. You’ll see from one of my previous posts a great stretch to do at your desk. If you imagine being in the same position all the time, stretch in the opposite direction to counteract the tension. This will also help your posture.

3. Exercise. I’m a huge advocate of exercise and regularly practice yoga. This isn’t for everyone but there are so many different forms of moving from running to dancing, tennis to football that you can find something to suit you. If you want to strengthen your core then pilates is also a fantastic way to do so which will help postural problems.

If I didn’t listen to my clients, I would never find these common themes and issues that so many people go through.

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Happy New Year!

As always, January is the time we tend to change the things that we’ve been reflecting on at the end of the previous year. To change the possible rut we’ve found ourselves in and get our lives into gear. We want to quit smoking, we want to live a healthier life, we want to get fit and maybe set ourselves a physical challenge like a marathon or epic bike ride or even the three peaks. In fact, the top three resolutions are:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get fit
  3. Eat healthier

I always have grand ideas of what my resolutions may be for the coming year. Last year I wanted to run a marathon….I barely cranked up to 10K. 2012 I thought of the London to Brighton bike ride before realising I don’t actually like bikes. This year though I’m going to be more realistic; a half marathon may not be so bad and I’ll have over 6 months to get my muscles used to the change. If you are thinking of doing something challenging massage really can help with the following:

-          Speeds up muscle recovery post workout

-          Increases circulation giving muscles more oxygen encouraging better function

-          Relaxes muscles which is important for a good recovery

-          Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions which build up the more you exercise

-          Reduces risk of injury by improving the range of motion in muscles

If you’re new to exercise, massage is a great way to ease you in, you may feel a little sore when you first start out so this will help no end. if you’re ramping up your training then it’s great for maintenance. It could even improve your running/cycling times you’re working towards! Good luck with your goals….we’re all in this together.

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