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Royal July, baby blues?

Over the past few years the Royals really have given us something of a tabloid fix. From weddings to a Jubilee and now the birth of our future King us Brits, in fact the world over, have been thoroughly Royally indulged. 

The birth of the little Prince was also quite special to me but for a very different reason. On the same day, within just a few minutes of the time of delivery, I was walking down the isle in sunny Italy towards my now husband. At the time we were non the wiser but thanks to wifi and a few curious guests we found out courtesy of the Daily Mail Online on the evening of the 22nd July that the baby had stolen our thunder. 

Fast forward 27 hours…Kate and Wills are papped leaving the hospital and the tabloids, more specifically a famous UK magazine come up against some serious backlash for referring to Kate’s baby weight loss. Again 27 hours after giving birth!

I’m yet to have a baby, (I sometimes think I’m not old enough at 28!) but over half of my clients are pregnant and I couldn’t imagine the pressure that this not only puts onto people in the public eye but also us mere mortals. The conversations I’ve had with a few of them suggest that even at 6, 7 or 8 months they’re already thinking about when they’ll lose weight after birth. Magazines are full of diet tips, exercise regimes, “results in 6 weeks!”  that promote rapid weight-loss after birth but there are some celebrities that are now hitting back. Reese Witherspoon recently said “it looks 9 months to get to [that] stage, why shouldn’t it take at least 9 months to get back?” Model Molly Sims claimed “Priorities change, weight is irrelevant when you have a baby. You have so much more to worry about.”

Conducting my baby massage classes confirms this statement whole heartedly. There’s so much more to life than weight and appearance. When mums come up to me after class and say “what you taught last week helped my baby’s colic” or “my baby’s now sleeping because of the massage routine” just confirms why I love what I do.

I’d never be one to advise or preach having never been through pregnancy or child birth. I’d just hope that if/when I do get to that stage of my life that pressures aren’t as strong and unfortunately, I think all eyes will be on Kate to lead the way to change people’s perceptions on losing weight and revolutionise the unrealistic celebrity culture we all seem to feed in to.


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My first massage presentation, not as bad as I thought it was going to be

I wanted to share a presentation I did this week at a networking group I attend. Presentations are out of my comfort zone but I have to say once pushed beyond your limits, it’s amazing what you can do.

Here it is..enjoy

If I go back far enough, I knew I always wanted to help people. At school we had career advisors and it was always the therapies that stood out for me. I looked into psychology, physiotherapy, psychiatry…..I remember shadowing a physio for a week when I was 15 at my local hospital in Manchester, so no, I’m not entirely sure either how I ended up in the events industry for 4 years post university. You may be thinking well, her degree must have been somewhat relevant to therapy but, alas, you’d be barking up the wrong tree. I studied classical literature. The only link I can make is a tenuous one so bare with me…..
Like Homers Odysseus I too was lost and far away from home (my massage calling!) I’d fought battles and won against, well maybe not the cyclops but if you’d seen my old events boss you could do a double take, and been enticed by the sirens who paid me a steady wage each month. But eventually, after 4 years of straying off course and in the interlude, actual traveling round the world I came back to where I was meant to be. And so starts my massage odyssey and training.
I started my training at the London college of massage where I completed my anatomy and physiology exams as well as my long course in deep tissue massage which took 9 months and a lot of case studies. In the months to follow I then completed some shorter courses in Indian head massage, hot stone treatments at the london school of complimentary health and pregnancy and baby instructor massage at the london school of massage. This was rounded off at the end of last year with a two month trip to Thailand where I studied intensively Thai yoga massage. 9-5 Monday to Friday at the international Thai massage school.
I know it sounds like a lot, but each course provided me with not only more techniques but it opened up different client bases.
Deep tissue massage is probably my most popular therapy. The people who see me for this tend to be in a lot of pain or discomfort from either a sports related injury or on the other end of the scale, from sitting at a desk too long and leading quite a sedentary lifestyle. Deep tissue massage isn’t the same as sports massage, even if most of the techniques are the same. Sports therapy looks into rehabilitation for a particular injury and is specific whereas what I do gives a more immediate relief and is more general to the affected area. 
Pregnancy massage is quite self explanatory. I have to stress at this point  massage can only be conducted after the first trimester which is 12-13 weeks due to health risks. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, I care about all of my clients, but my pregnant clients are quite often the reason I wake up in the mornings. I had a client last week who was 8 months and she’s having a particularly bad pregnancy. After the hour was up, she said that was the most relief she’s felt in 8 months. I can’t begin to tell you how humbling it was to hear that. In fact, pregnancy massage tends to give me the most referrals. 
Following on nicely from this is baby instructor massage; I teach parents in either one to one classes or small groups of no more than 6 how to massage their babies. I could go on for more than 10 minutes alone about the benefits of baby massage but as a brief summary it’s great for sleep deprivation (both yours and baby’s!) teething, colic, bonding and learning and development. The sessions take place in people’s houses – it could be one host or they may want to change it weekly. One to one sessions are 3 consecutive weeks and group sessions are 4. 
I’m going to group Indian head massage and hot stone therapy together as they’re both holistic treatments and considered more luxurious therapies. In short, they’re pretty ronseal; Indian head focuses on the head shockingly and hot stones are used in hot stone treatments. The benefits though for both are amazing. They lower blood pressure, induce deep sleep, help anxiety and depression, increase circulation, the list goes on. 
And finally, Thai yoga massage. This is a completely different treatment altogether because Unlike the other therapies mentioned where oil is used with skin to skin contact, Thai massage is a fully clothed massage. It’s based on the yoga principles of stretching and it can actually increase a persons flexibility just by having a massage.
There always seems to be a therapy to suit everyone and I’m thankful I’ve had to opportunity to be able to learn so many treatments. I’m Sam and your bodies are still my business.

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