Welcome to Samantha Jaclyn

Full Body Massage

A classic Swedish inspired massage designed to eliminate stress and tension or to rejuvenate tired minds and muscles. Treatment prepared with your choice of revitalising or relaxing essential oils. 60 minutes 


Full body massage with face shiatsu

The fusion of Eastern and Western massage techniques complement each other perfectly for this tranquil massage. Treatment is complete with relaxing essential oils. 1 hour 15 minutes 


Detox and youth renewal massage

Dubbed “The non-invasive colonic”, this treatment targets internal problems by stimulating congestion in the digestive system which can also aid weight loss. It’s completed with an invigorating face massage, boosting circulation to the skins surface… your glow will make you feel and look younger. 50 minutes 


Pregnancy Massage

This will allow mum-to-be to benefit both physically and mentally. It can reduce cramps, swelling of limbs and muscle tension around the lower back and legs which is extremely common as well as easing sciatica. Pregnancy massage also reduces stress levels and promotes a greater sense of wellbeing which is a necessity for those who can’t sleep. A fantastic package for both you and your baby. 60 minutes 


Deep tissue massage

If your muscles are in need of a more powerful treatment this is the ultimate one for you. You’ll benefit from a more intense massage, helping to alleviate severe tension. 60 minutes 


S.O.S. back massage

Focusing solely on the back, neck and shoulders. After a consultation to determine any aches and pains your bespoke treatment will have a variety of different pressures and techniques to suit you. 60 minutes